Nokia Alpha, Phi, Pure Phi and Pure Lambda new Windows Phone smart phones

Nokia released the Nokia Lumia 900 and went quiet on the Windows Phone market. There have not been any new Windows Phone smart phone from Nokia for some time now, and the people who are big time fans of Nokia and Microsoft for some reason, have been concerned for the same. But now, there are some proofs which tell us that the Finnish smart phone manufacturer might be working on bringing out something new very soon.

If you are a Windows Phone user, you will know the app called WP Bench, which is a benchmarking tool for the Windows Phone operating system like there are apps such as Quadrant Standard and Antutu Benchmark for Android.

On this app, when you benchmark your Windows Phone smart phone, after the end running all the tests, the app uploads the tests result of your phone to its server on the internet and downloads the latest chart with high scores and recent score submissions and all recent tests. So you will know which phone scored how much in the same benchmarking test.

This proves to be a very cool utility to have on your phone. But that is not our concern now. People who have recently used this app on their Windows Phone say that seen something interesting on the score screen of the app. They have seen some new Windows Phones from Nokia being testing using the app.

The names of the phone as they appear on the app are Nokia Alpha, Nokia Phi, Nokia Pure Phi, Nokia and Pure Lambda. The names do sound familiar, and that is because they are all Greek alphabets which you use in your math equations.

Now, the term ‘Pure’ used in the name could mean that they are from the PureView family, the family with the awesome 41 MP camera, but this is just a guess. So do not get your mind fixed to this. Other than this, there is no info and we will just have to wait.