New Wii U controllers with analog sticks

Nintendo fans have been asking for a better Wii U controller for some time and it looks like the company has finally listened to the prayers. The company had said that it will be displaying the final design of the controller at the E3 2012m, and I guess we are getting an early peek at the controller now.

The image of the controller you see here came from Twitter, I mean it was leaked on Twitter first by the Twitter userĀ @MATTYB00SH. The tweet, as soon as it was posted, was deleted. Only those people who have been able to see the tweet in that time frame has got the image you see here.

Now, coming to the topic, if you observe the image carefully, you see a lot of changes to the controller. To begin with, the circular pads have gone the off way and the analog sticks have made it to the play. This is a very good improvement as there is no actual gaming with those awesome analog sticks, am I right?

And also, the plus and the minus buttons have been moved to a new location. Before this design, I mean the present design has the plus and the minus buttons on the center of the controller. But in this new design, the buttons have been moved to the right hand side of the controller. Not just that, you can also see that the Nintendo Wii U logo has been now shifted down to the bottom left corner of the gaming device.

This design does look good, and by the looks, of it, I am pretty sure that it is going to be a hit. And the inclusion of the analog sticks is going to make first person shooter game designers very happy, as there is no fun at shooting at someone on circular pads. Agree?