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New Vibe App Lets You Set Custom Vibrate Tones On Android VIDEO

One of the cooler apps that we saw at CTIA 2012 in New Orleans is a new app called Vibe. Vibe makes vibration tones customizable for your Android smartphone.

You know the feeling when you’re in an important meeting and your Android phone vibrates. You don’t want to do the sneak peak at your phone in fear you’ll get caught, but since you can’t hear those 100+ custom ringtones, you have no idea who’s calling.

Is it your boss checking on the meeting? Is it the dry cleaner telling you that your suit is ready? Is it your wife? Has there been an accident?

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When your phone is on vibrate there’s no way of telling who is calling you other than to sneak a glance at your phone.¬† Well now, thanks to the Vibes app there’s no more guess work in who is calling when your phone is on silent.

Vibe is your one stop app for everything vibrate on your phone. You can set custom vibration tones to every notification, and every contact. You can set a vibration tone for your boss and a different one for your wife.

With Vibe you can also elect to set certain contacts to no vibration at all so when your phone is on silent, you don’t have to deal with that person.

One of the coolest features in the Vibe app is the custom vibration generator. You can actually make custom vibration tones yourself for any contact that you like.

Vibe is in the Google Play store here go have some fun.


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