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New patent reveals Apple’s multi touch focus camera for iPhone

Back in 2010, Apple introduced a new technology in photography that has now become a common place in most of the smart phones in the market today. This is the touch to focus feature. You just touch the object on your smart phone’s screen when you are in the camera mode in the view finder and the lens in your camera focuses on that object. This is a very good technology, it helps a lot in photography. But it seems that this was just a part of what Apple had wanted, and a part of the patent which Apple had applied. The other part is more amazing.

The other part says that the user will be able to select multiple such focus points on the view finder and the camera lens will be able to focus on the multiple objects at once. Yes, this sounds really amazing. Not just this, it the selected objects are too far away, the camera will define a focus point of its own such that it will be the average of the multiple focus points selected by the user and still will be able to highlight the objects properly for the user to enjoy.

These features will be made available both in the camera mode and in the camcorder mode, according to the patent. How is this going to help in the camcorder mode? Well, you can image taking the video of your friend who is moving around. So you tap on him to focus on him. The camera will be able to sense his movement through the motion detection algorithm used and will be able to dynamically change the focus of the lens so that your friend is always in the limelight in the video.

These are some of the very awesome to look forward in the coming versions of the iPhone, and I sure am waiting for them. What about you?

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