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New iPhone 5 parts leaked images suggest the rumors could be true

We have been seeing a lot of rumors about the yet to be released iPhone 5. Like always, we have been getting a lot of rumors from different sources on the internet about the Cupertino tech giant’s new phone. Till now, we know that the iPhone 5 will be having a new and bigger screen, a new dock connector, a better camera, and more. Now, there has been a leak, a few photos of the internal parts of the phone which indicate that these rumors could be true.

But since these are still rumors and since the iPhone 5 is still in the testing phase, we can not be completely sure that these are the parts of the final iPhone 5 which will reach the customers. We can only think that Apple is experimenting with the design of the iPhone 5 with different theories, this being one of them.

We can see from the images that the iPhone’s case is built to house a bigger display. Also, the back of the case is made of metal and glass, another rumor which we must take seriously. This rumor has been around before the release of the iPhone 4S. The same rumor was prevailing before the iPhone 4S came into the hands of the public. If these rumors are being generated by an Apple employee who is somewhat close to the project, we can imagine that Apple had plans for the metal and glass back for some time now.

In any case, we can also see that there is a new dock connector. The bigger 30 pin dock connector has been ditched for the new smaller dock connector. There is no word on the block as to how many pins this is going to have. Also, Apple has moved the 3.5 mm headphone jack to the bottom of the phone, like the one found on the iPod Touch. Finally, there are new speaker grills on the bottom of the phone, and the camera window on the back panel of the iPhone 5 looks a bit bigger, indicating that the camera might also be of a larger mega pixel.

Let us not get our hopes high with this rumor. Apple is believed to release the new iPhone 5 in the moth of October this year. So let us just wait for a few more months for the real deal.

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