Motorola And Verizon Brighten Up Droid Advertising

One of the things we’ve been harping on for nearly three years is the dark, sci-fi themed advertising of the Motorola Droid line. While the original Motorola Droid sold like gangbusters they have yet to be able to replicate that success.

The sci-fi red eyed advertising campaigns are very much geared towards the sci-fi sect along with men. While Samsung and Apple continually show commercials with happy people of all ethnicitys, sexes and ages, Motorola and Verizon continued to produce commercial after commercial in the sci-fi theme.

Their newest ad still has a little sci-fi lingering in it but it shows kids, women and a variety of people using Motorola Droid phones. They also show off the actual functionality of the devices which has been pretty much absent since the first commercials.

At one point in this new commercial a woman shows how easy it is to open up an app while rushing out the door by simply using her voice, now we’re on to something.

At one point last year Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha was speaking at a Merill Lynch/Bank of America tech conference and admitted that their marketing may need to be tweaked. Finally, a year or so later it has been.

Here’s a link to the new ad here

Source: 9to5Google