Microsoft’s new patent software helps in migrating software across devices

After Apple, Samsung, and HTC, it looks like it is now the turn of the Redmond software giant, Microsoft, to come into the news with the word ‘patent’ in the headline. Yes, today we have a news about Microsoft in which we discuss an old and pending patent application applied by Microsoft. Microsoft had applied a patent for a software, one of its creations obviously, way back in the month of November, 2010. And the patent is still pending. But this is not our concern. What we are concerned about is what the software in question does!

Yes, actually, it is very interesting. According to the patent, Microsoft has created a software program for its products which is capable of detecting what all softwares or applications have been installed on your device. Not just this, but after detecting, it will be able to compare the list formed with other devices and help you migrate all missing apps, or even probably replace them. This does sound a bit interesting, do you not think? But another question arises here. Why is Microsoft after this kind of a project and where will it be implementing it?

Yes, this is very interesting again. If you are a Windows user, you will be knowing by now there is already a software pre installed in all Windows machines that will let you migrate all your data and software installed from your old personal computer to your new personal computer. And the software for which the company has applied the patent for also does the same thing. So why apply patent for a software which it has been using for many years now? Or could this be a new software? This question leads us to the mobile operating system, the Windows Phone OS that the company has.

So this could be a new app which will let you transfer apps from one of your Windows Phone devices to other similar devices, running on the same operating system. Or this app might be used to get customized recommendations of app from the Market Place. Nothing is sure till now, but it does sound interesting. Stay tuned for updates on this.