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Microsoft to release an Office app for Android and iOS


Rumor has it that Microsoft has been working on a tablet version of its hugely popular office software. Microsoft had denied the reports sometime back, but the rumor mills have heated up again after versions of the app have been spotted running on iPads. If such an app is really under works, it can be considered to be a move in the right direction. Currently Google docs is the top choice of Android users, which is a very good application no doubt, but has its own flaws. It would be interesting to see Google docs competing with the Office suite from Microsoft, which has a well-established customer base.

According to the leaked screenshots, the loading screen only said “Microsoft Office for iOS”, which is a strong suggestion that the app will come to the iPhone and Android phones as well. It’s clear that Microsoft cannot ignore the immense popularity of iOS and Android platforms anymore, and wants to cash in with this new venture, but only time will tell if they hit the right spot with mobile versions of the Office Suite.

It is not a secret that there’s only so much you can do on a tablet, therefore every app should be concise, and should have a great user interface. Whereas the PC version of Office boasts of a huge number of features, Microsoft will have to be wary about choosing which ones to include in their tablet app. A heavy and complex app will not be a very successful one as it will be hard to use and a resource hog. Though if the developers at Microsoft do get it right, the app will be instrumental in greatly enhancing the functionality of tablets.

There is still no official confirmation from Microsoft, but according to various reports, the app will come out sometime in November of this year, for iOS, Android and Windows 8.

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