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Microsoft to offer Windows 8 upgrade for just $15

Microsoft is busy testing its new operating system, Windows 8, for the different platforms that it is going to run on. The operating system, for the first time, is being made compatible with different hardware platforms and processor architectures. For example, the same operating system will be made to run on a stand alone personal computer, and also on tablets, which have a completely different hardware.

Also, for the first time in the history of Windows, Microsoft has completely redesigned the interface with the inclusion of the infamous Metro UI, which was first found on the new mobile operating system by Microsoft, the Windows Phone 7. The developers’ preview and the consumer preview versions of the operating system have already been released and are available as free downloads to anyone who is interested in testing them. But a few features are not yet available, such as the online Store. But you can get a pretty good idea of what you can expect from the final release of the operating system, coming later this year.

But the one problem that Microsoft will face is the upgradation problem. People will not want to invest on Windows 7 now and again upgrade to Windows 8 not even a year before, again paying a lot of money. This is what happened when Microsoft released Windows 7, people were still using Windows XP and were not wiling to invest again on Windows 7.

To avoid this kind of a situation again, Microsoft has let out a very sweet offer. The upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 is going to be just $15 for a customer. So people can now buy new computers with Windows 7 on them knowing that the upgradation will not cost them a fortune again. Microsoft had to do this to save its market share against the many Linux distros available and Apple’s Mac. Also, the orders for new licenses for Windows 7 have started dropping for Microsoft, indicating users concerns for upgrading. Well, here you have it now, only $15 for the upgrade. What do you think now?

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