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Microsoft reminds you to upgrade to Windows Phone 7.5 again

If you are Windows Phone smart phone user and are still using the old Windows Phone 7, then here is something you need to read. Microsoft had said last month that it would be expanding its Market Place to include more new and improved apps, in competition with Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Compared to these two online app market places, Mircosoft’s Market Place is not so much developed.

And in this attempt, the Redmond company has also decided that it would be changing the access permissions of the Market Place as well. The new permissions will not allow phones running the old Windows Phone 7.0 to access the Market Place anymore. Yes, this would be a very bad decision but looks like the company is committed to this.

“We’re now doing the final work needed to turn on this new requirement, so I thought it would be a good time for another friendly reminder,” Microsoft said.

Not only this, the company has also decided to remove Windows Phone 7.0 app from Zune. Yes, this is also a very bad decision. So if you want to download, buy, install, and use apps for your Windows Phone smart phone from the next month, you will have to upgrade to the new Windows Phone 7.5 version as soon as possible.

The company said it will post another final remind about this before the changes will go live. So keep an eye open for the announcement if you are one of the few Windows Phone users. This effort, as I see it, is to compete with the aforementioned big fishes in the water, Apple and Google. Both the companies have released more than 3 updates to their respective operating systems and Microsoft is still trying hard to get its customers to upgrade to the second update available.

In any case, if you decide to upgrade, you can find more info and instructions about this over here.

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