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Microsoft makes Market Place Windows Phone 7.5 only

Microsoft has given announcements and warnings to its mobile operating system a couple of times in the past that the Windows Phone Market Place will soon become a Windows Phone 7.5 feature only. And that time has unfortunately come. Yes, starting May 23rd, that is today, only people with Windows Phone 7.5, or Mango, will be able to complete downloads from the Windows Phone Market Place.

Microsoft says that when it released the new and updated Windows Phone 7.5, also known as Mango, sometime during the fall of last year, it has been seeding the update to all the Windows Phone devices across the world. So it says that every one has got a chance to update their phones. But still you are not updated on your smart phone, that is on you.

But do not worry, the time has not passed yet. You can still download the official update from the Microsoft official Windows Phone website and install it on your smart phone manually. There would be no more over the air (OTA) updates for Windows Phone 7.5

The intentions of the company behind such a step is kind of clearer. The company wants to make its Market Place more populated like its arch rivals in the play, namely Apple and Google with their mobile market places, the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store (formerly known as the Android Market).

So if you have not yet updated to Windows Phone 7.5, it is time you do. After all, there is no risk or loss in updating the smart phone’s operating system. In fact, you will be getting more and new features on your phone which have been introduced on the Windows Phone 7.5 mobile operating system.

So what are you waiting for? Head down to Microsoft’s website and download the update right away, and install the update on your phone right away.

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