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iRig for iOS lets you record high quality audio

IK Multimedia has released a special accessory for Apple devices, which lets you record high definition audio through an external microphone. This device, called iRig MIC Cast, is extremely useful for travellers who like to record podcasts on the go, or travel bloggers who like to keep voice journals. The device is tiny, and attaches itself through a 3.5mm jack onto your iPhone or iPad. It also has a headphone output so that you can monitor the recording. iRig has been created to provide you with clear, and high quality audio, without the background noise as you normally get while using the built in microphone on your phone while talking on Skype or Facetime.

The manufacturers have priced the product at $40, which isn’t cheap, but the performance of iRig more or less makes up for it. Early reviews suggested that the device definitely lives up to its expectations in terms of sound quality and noise reduction. Sound captured by the microphone was crystal clear without a hint of background chatter. This tremendously boosts the usefulness of the device for even professional purposes.

There’s a tiny toggle switch which lets you toggle the level of input between lo and hi. The device is small and light, which greatly enhances its usefulness as a portable device. The accessory works with a number of apps specially created for use with iRig MIC Cast. You can choose which app to use based on your needs. The free version of the app, called iRig Recorder is meant for every day usage whereas if you need more specialised work done, you might go for the paid version, which offers voice processing and many other capabilities. IK Multimedia has really come out with an innovative product, which will prove to be very useful to a lot of iOS enthusiasts.

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