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iPhone 5 Rumored To Have 4 Inch Screen

Reports from Reuters and Wall Street Journal revealed that the iPhone 5 could have a 4-inch screen display. This transformation would bring a 30% increase in the viewing area from the current 3.5 inch display. The rumors started after Wall Street Journal disclosed information from unidentified sources quoting that “at least four inch diagonally” will be the size of iPhone 5’s Display.

What shall we expect from this change?

Expanding from the current 3.5-inch display to a 4-inch display would affect the screen resolution. With the present 3.5-inch display, iPhone has a screen resolution of 960 x 640. This implies a density of 326 PPI (pixels per inch), which according to Apple is too high for the eye to distinguish individual pixels.

If the 4-inch display is implemented without changes to the resolution, the density would be roughly 289 PPI, causing a big drop in the quality of the image. The only way for Apple to have 4-inch display is either to increase the resolution or to alter the current 3:2 aspect ratio with the 16:9 aspect ratio used by HD displays.

What will be its effects to the Display?

Assuming that Apple increases the resolution, the new display will have a density of 500 PPI which will be very expensive to produce.  Doing so will also require iPhone 5 to become wider.

The other alternative is to use the 16:9 aspect ratio for HD displays while retaining the current resolution. This is the ideal solution as doing so will yield a PPI almost close to the current display density.

For iPhone apps developers, the change in display may lead to icons becoming slightly smaller or slightly bigger and positions for graphic elements may need updating.  So there’s a lot of moving parts to think about.

iPhone 5 Rumors

This buzz is the latest among the series of iPhone 5 rumors circulating the Apple community. Other iPhone rumors include:

  • addition of the haptic touch feedback technology which provides screen textures
  • adopting in-cell touch panels to trim the width of the device
  • using Liquidmetal either for the interior components or even part of the body itself, think of it as a metallic glass to make the phone even sleeker

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