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HP Latitude 6430u upgraded to match your suit

HP has been the number one personal computer maker for some time now. It had lost the title for sometime last year, but it quickly regained it by the end of the year. So, becoming the number one personal computer manufacturer in the world is not an easy task. You have take care of different classes for users in the many markets there are in the whole world. And you kind of have to make them believe that each model of the personal computer listed on your website is kind of tailor made for them. In an attempt to give this illusion to the corporate IT world, the company has now updated its Latitude series of business laptops with a new model, the HP Latitude 6430u.

This news, however, is not yet official. This comes as a rumor from the Dutch site But the rumor is still interesting. HP, according to the rumor, has now come out with a new laptop with Intel’s new and powerful processor, the Ivy Bridge. The rumoured business laptop, HP Latitude 6430u, is said to be running on dual core Ivy Bridge i3, i5, and i7 processors. Also, this laptop is going to have a 14 inch screen with a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. That is not at all bad for a 14 inch display.

Since the laptop is specifically designed for the working IT class in the corporate world, the laptop is having a smart card reader built in. If you want more privacy and security for your company’s data on the laptop, you can opt for the optional fingerprint reader as well.

To make things faster, the laptop has a big 256 GB of SSD hard disk, and 8 GB of RAM, which, believe me, is a lot of RAM for a business laptop. If you are already thinking of buying this, hold your thought. This is not yet officially announced and when it will be announced is not known. Also, the expected price and the release date of the laptop are unknown, though a June release is expected.

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