Google’s new patent for Project Glass could give you a ring

Google’s latest and one of the most awesome projects to date, the Project Glass, is of course awesome and can bring in a lot of productivity in one’s daily life. The glasses are not meant only to look good, but to increase the productivity of a person while the person is not being productive. For example, you could be taking pictures of useful posters, notices, or marking your calendar for wine testing at a particular place which you just crossed your on your way to the work, all while you do not have a phone in your hand and when you are away from your computer. Just wear the glasses and you are connected to the internet and are posting online status messages on Google Plus, and more.

Now, a new patent in the United States which had been applied for by Google in last September and published now, reveals that the glass might come with another accessory, a ring, a bracelet or even a fake nail. All these accessories could be used for IR reflections which are read by the glass as gestures. So when gestures come into the picture, you will be able to control your glass the way you want. You will not have to take your hand up to the glass.

A report on 2dayblog says:

A US patent application submitted last September and just now published, however, raises the possibility of more sophisticated control coming from your hands. A ring, a bracelet or a even a fake fingernail with an infrared-reflective layer would serve as a gesture control marker for a receiver on heads-up display glasses. Having this extra control would give the glasses-mounted computing room to grow by learning gestures, and it could even depend on multiple ornaments for more sophisticated commands — at least, if you don’t mind looking like a very nerdy Liberace. We can imagine the headaches a hand-based method might cause for very enthusiastic talkers, among other possible hiccups, so don’t be surprised if Project Glass goes without any kind of ring input. That said, we suspect that Sauron would approve.

I am so much excited about this that I might order a couple of these glasses the moment they are made available for preorders. What about you?