Google Wallet Available On 4 New Phones, $10 Awarded For Opening Account And Using Prepaid Card

Good news Wallet users, you now have 4 new phones to choose from that all support the mobile payment service. Three of these devices happen to be on Sprint’s network, with the other being the unlocked Galaxy Nexus available fromt he Google Play Store. Google has also added that for a limited time, when starting a Google Wallet account and using a prepaid card, Google gives $10 for using any of these devices and $50 for using the Sprint Nexus. The following list is the devices that have been added to the (not very long) list of devices that have full Google Wallet support:

  • Galaxy Nexus on Sprint
  • Unlocked Galaxy Nexus on multiple carriers
  • LG Viper 4G LTE on Sprint
  • LG Optimus Elite on Sprint

Source: Google Wallet Team