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Google to release the new Android 5.0 on five different Nexus devices

We are still waiting for the official update to Google preset latest version of Android, the Android 4.0 or the Ice Cream Sandwich, and we are already talking about the next Android 5.0 today. Yes, Android 5.0 is already in the news and it is a good news. It has been Google’s tradition to make a phone its flagship phone for all the major updates it releases. Over the years, there has been the HTC Nexus One, Samsung Nexus S, and the latest Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Each of these phone represent one new version of the operating system and each of these phones run the pure, unadulterated version of the operating system without any manufacturer or carrier overlay on the operating system.

But now, Google is all set to change the tradition of only one Nexus device per new version of the operating system with five new Nexus phones featuring the new Android 5.0. This is a good news, indeed. This would mean that each Android smartphone manufacturer would be able to release one of the Google flagship devices and by that, each manufacturer would be given equal importance. There is a word that Google would start favoring Motorola Mobility once (or if) it buys the company. This opinion would change if the company decides to support all the manufacturers.

Also, by doing this, each manufacturer would be able to get familiarized with the new operating system and would be able to make custom overlays for the newest version of Android easily. This would in turn lead to the manufacturing of new and better smartphones by each manufacturer and therefore, the Android ecosystem would improve vastly. This is a good vision.

And as the rumors say, there would also be a Nexus tablet from Asus which would be running the pure version of Android 5.0 for tablets. This would be just great. The new Android 5.0 will be coming out this fall. So the wait is ON.

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