Google to buy Meebo

Google is in the process of buying Motorola Mobility, one of the biggest acquisitions of the company, and even though it is not yet complete, Google is also looking for purchasing another company. And this time, its Meebo. I know most of you have not heard about this. Meebo is a social chat, social network, and toolbar service. And after knowing what the company does, you may think that this would be a small investment for the search giant, Google. But you are wrong.

Analysts estimate  a $100 million investment for Google on this acquisition. So the obvious question arises, why does Google want to buy a company such as Meebo? Google already has a social networking site, the Google Plus. Google also has a chat service, the Google Talk. Google also has a toolbar, which you download on your browsers, but is not so popular. So Google would not be investing so much on a company only to get a good toolbar with active social network, social media, and chat features. Would it? The company would be able to develop such a toolbar of its own for a lot less money.

The intension of the company is still not clear, and so is this news. It is still not know if this is a rumor of some sort. So we have to take this with a pinch of salt. If you look at it in a different way, the company called Meebo might be having some patent or patents which the search giant is interested in, and may be that is why it is looking on acquiring it.

Having patents is very important nowadays. You do not want to be sued by another company for big money on using their patents illegally. So to be on the safer side, may be Google is moving in on this. In any case, we would have a lot more news and rumors on this. So stay tuned.

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