Google talks about its Ubuntu usage

Ubuntu is a very popular operating system and a Linux distribution. A large percentage of the Linux user base across the globe use Ubuntu. And many of the power users of a computer use Ubuntu as their primary operating system, including me and many of my friends. The freedom you get when you are using Ubuntu and the speed of the operating system, the ability for you to customize it the way you want, all of these factors add up to the fact that it is one of the best Linux distro there is. And support from the Ubuntu community is simply awesome.

Now, it comes as no surprise if one of the greatest tech company ever on this planet, Google, uses Ubuntu as well. In most of the Google IO sessions or other meets, we have seen Google developers using only Mac computers. And I was under the misconception that the company prefers and uses only Mac computers. But I was proved wrong after this Ubuntu Developer Summit, where Google developer, Thomas Bushnell, gave a very good talk about how Google uses Ubuntu and its own distro Goobuntu at its developer centers.

Slashdot writes:

He talked about how Ubuntu, its derivatives and Goobuntu (Google’s customized Ubuntu based distro) are used by Google developers. He starts by saying ‘Precise Rocks,’ and that many Google employees use Ubuntu — including managers, software engineers, translators, people who wrote the original Unix, and people who have no clue about Unix. Many developers working on Chrome and Android use Ubuntu. Ubuntu systems at Google are upgraded every LTS release. The entire process of upgrading can take as much as four months, and it is also quite expensive, as one reboot or a small change can cost them as much as a million dollars across the company.

Does it make you, inspire you to go to Ubuntu and try it just once? We are here to help if you decide on migrating.

5 Replies to “Google talks about its Ubuntu usage”

  1. goobuntu? i will NEVER use it. i don’t trust google and you shouldn’t either. too many privacy issues.

  2. Google please release Goobuntu to the public very soon. We would love to have the best of Google, Ubuntu, Linux, Open source etc all in one place.

    I feel this will be a win-win symbiotic relationship where we users will get a valuable OS + great programs for free & Google will get the goodwill + ads revenue.

    This will set a virtuous cycle for Linux, OpenSource & other programs.

  3. i’m already using ubuntu. i’d love to try goobuntu if it is available for everyone!

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