Google snatched HP WebOS Enyo HTML5 team

HP tried a lot to get things together with the mobile operating system it acquired from Palm, the Palm operating system which was later renamed to WebOS. The personal computer giant later made it open source as well, so it has now become Open WebOS. The team behind this has worked a lot to get the new HTML 5 standard up and running on this, and the team has been quiet successful. But the development of the platform has not been taken good care of ever since the company lost its money on the tablet.

But now, the team seems to have been got some good work, at Google’s labs. Yes, Google has hired a few of the people from the HP WebOS Enyo HTML5 team to make the Android operating system, Chrome operating system, and other products a bit better.

The hiring was supposed to be done in bulk, according to The Verge, but later, only a half dozen people were hired according to All Things D,  including project chief Matt McNulty. Even though the rumors are that the company has stopped developments on WebOS, HP says otherwise.

“We’re pleased with the traction Enyo has gained to date and plan to continue its development along with the open source community” HP said in a statement. “The Open webOS project is on schedule and we remain committed to the roadmap announced in January.”

Ever since the company released the new open source Enyo development tool kit for the public, there have been good download numbers. But a lot of people in the team which was responsible for the development of the platform have already left the team and are already working elsewhere.

Slashgear writes:

Still, you can’t fault the Enyo team for looking beyond HP; the company had already laid off 275 webOS employees back in February. According to insiders, Google individually negotiated each new hire over the course of several months, and the team is expected to regroup within the search giant in June.

What do you think? Will this new hire be helping Google in making its products better? I guess we will just have to wait and see.