Google Music can now de-authorize only four devices

Google has a lot of cool and awesome services and the still young and released released Google Music is one of them. The service which was basically launched to rival Apple’s iCloud has made some really good progress. People are now able to stream music from their cloud accounts to their Android smart phones and tablets and also on their computers and laptops. This is a good service as you can have your music anywhere you go. All you need a device which can run the Google Music app and can connect to a high speed internet connection.

The system has one limitation that you can add a max of only 10 devices to list of devices which are authorized to use the service. And when you are buying a 11th device on which you want to stream music from your Google cloud account, you will have to deauthorize a device from the list of 10 and add the new one. Till now, the deauthorization limit was not set, but now, according to the new and recently updated Google policies, you can deauthorize only 4 devices. What does this mean to you?

If you are a person who buys one or two smart phones and one or tablets a year, this is not a worry for you. But if you are a person who buys just one smart phone and one tablet and keeps changing the ROMs on the devices to test new ones, this is definitely a problem for you. This is because when you change a ROM on your device, your device is considered a new device and will not replace the one which you have already registered. So you will have to reregister and reauthorize the device on the Google Music service. This is definitely a problem.

Also, Google has said that it will not be possible to stream music to more than one device which are using the same account at the same time. But tests have shown that this is possible with up to three devices, but not for long.