Google Maps Updated With Offers, Indoor Directions, And Panorama Views Of Stores And Restaurants

Today, Google Maps was updated and with it some nifty little features were brought in. First, Google Offers now show up on the map whenever you are looking at locations, and point out places where you can get a deal on whatever you are looking for. This is really cool because having a way to save money that is built right into the app really makes things easier, and can make deciding where to eat or where to buy something a much faster process as well.

Indoor directions have also been added, and panorama views of restaurants and stores help people figure out exactly where they are and where they need to go. Of course, this is only available in the US and Japan right now, and even then you have to be in a large city to take advantage of such features. However, when this feature gets more spread throughout the country, it will really be cool to be able to go anywhere and get indoor directions, even outside of large cities. The update is live in the Play Store now, so go ahead and grab it if you haven’t already.

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