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Google gets new patents for its Project Glass

Google’s one of the latest and most interesting projects has to be the Project Glass, which is a wearable glass like device with two different displays and a camera, and which can connect to the internet to do different stuffs, like updating your Google Plus status, shopping, setting reminders, taking photos and uploading it on to the internet, chatting, video calling, and much more. Yes, that is a lot of features you can have on a freaking glass, but it is the truth. And we have already seen it working.

So what is next? Next, Google needs to be safe of any patent issues that may arise from this and it also needs to make sure it has patents for all the research and development work it has done on the project. It might have already got a lot of patents for this one, but today we are going to see four of the new ones. To be away from any kind of patent issues, the company has been able to get four new patents, which are as follows:

The company can now claim rights over the design of the right half of the device, where the camera hangs over the eye and where the innards are housed within the band along the side. It’s also patented the nose-pad sensor that knows when it’s being worn, plus the ability to represent ambient sounds on the screen with range and direction info. Finally, it’s also got rights on using each eye piece as a separate display.

You can see from the image that the left eye piece is displaying a map whereas the right now is giving you instructions on which path to take to reach your destination. Like this, different applications can be run on the two eye pieces giving way for multiprogramming as well.

It might take Google at least a year more to get this product out in the wild, but it going to be a sweet wait for us.

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