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Get yourself a full size gender USB cable for your Samsung Galaxy Note or Galaxy S II

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note or the Samsung Galaxy S II, you will be happy to buy awesome accessories for your smart phone. This is because both the smart phones of the Galaxy series have really cool accessories, both genuine accessories from Samsung and third party companies. And now that the ‘Android King of the Year’, the Samsung Galaxy S III is coming out shortly, the prices of these accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Note are dropping. So it is your chance to grab hold of as many accessories as you can before they hike up again.

While looking for some cool accessories myself for my Galaxy Note, I came across this awesome piece of electronics which would really change my life. This is a very small accessory, but with very big list of applications. What you see in the image is a gender USB cable for the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S II.

This USB cable not only helps you charge your smart phone, but also lets you connect a host of USB devices to your smart phone and use them on your smart phone like you use the USB device on your laptop. For example, connect a USB keyboard to your Galaxy Note with this USB cable and you will be able to use that keyboard to write lengthy emails and if you are a blogger, even write lengthy blog posts, just like this one.

And now that the prices of accessories like this one have dropped, it is a good time to buy them. This genuine Samsung USB cable which would easily cost you £11 just a few weeks before is now available for just £4.04. Is that not a very sweet bargain? There are many other similar accessories from third party manufacturers, but they all have very bad reviews. So choose a proper one when you do, no matter how cheap the accessory may be. You can buy this one over [easyazon-link asin=”B004ULZD7U” locale=”us”]here[/easyazon-link].

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