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First camera shots of the 13MP Sony Xperia GX surface

In between the Samsung Galaxy S III release and the already released HTC One X, I think that we are not giving enough importance to devices from others manufacturers. Yes, there is an awesome Android phone coming out from Sony’s stable and we are not polite enough to address the news and rumors. Well, in this post, we are only talking about the news, no rumors.

The new Sony Xperia GX is Sony’s new flagship phone, and it comes with a new 13 mega pixel camera. The camera is good not only because it has the highest pixel count in the market, but also because it has a new RGBW sensor. Yes, a new sensor means some cool photos sessions are going to happen with the camera and we are all going to pose for it. Well, I do not know about you guys, but I am already getting for it.

The new camera on the phone is supposed to take life like pictures, even indoors where there is always a possibility of low light situations. The phone has not yet been released, but it has been lounging at the NTT DoCoMo office. One lucky reported has got the chance to try it out at the NTT DoCoMo office and this is one of the shot taken by the person from the Sony Xperia GX.

As you can see, even in low light conditions and the shot being taken inside a room, the picture is pretty clear, it is not too smooth, or too dark, or too wasted. The reported says that the phone was running the new version of Android, the Android 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich. But he also says that this was not the final release of the hardware or the software and the ICS running on this dates back to May 9th. So there are some improvements that we are going to see in the final product.

He also says that this was taken from an international version of the phone, which means there was no DoCoMo label on the front of the phone. But we can just say that we will be getting this also in the final product. What do you think?

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