First 50 Samsung Galaxy S III buyers in the UK will get free Olympic tickets

If you are one of the lucky ones to pre order the new and the best Android phone ever, the new Samsung Galaxy S III in the UK, then you are also going to be very lucky, that is if you are one among the first 50 to pre order the smart phone. Yes, this is because the South Korean company, Samsung, has decided to give away 50 free tickets to the Olympics for the first 50 people who have pre ordered the awesome new phone.

If you remember, the company did release a dedicated version of the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Samsung Galaxy S II for the Olympics, called them the Olympics Special Edition. But those phones only come with an extra battery cover to replace when you want your phones to be the Special Edition phones.

This information comes from Android Central which has reportedly received an email from the Samsung store at Westfield Stratford City, London. This email, along with giving this much of information has also given out some details about the launch event of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The launch event will begin on the evening of May 29th. Invites are being sent out for 5pm, with the first sales taking place at 6pm, assuming you’ve pre-ordered your S III.

Samsung is also one of the official partners of the Olympics and has its stand over there. So it is allowed to give out tickets like this and when it is coming with your favorite smart phone ever, there is nothing like the feeling. But if you are not among the first 50, you will have to buy the Olympics tickets yourself, but still, you will getting your cool new Samsung Galaxy S III, is that not enough for a treat?

Well, I am waiting for my Samsung Galaxy S III, I do not mind not getting the tickets to the Olympics, but it is enough if I get to spend one peaceful evening with new Galaxy S III without anyone disturbing me.