Facebook to soon get “Hangouts” like video chat through ooVoo

ooVoo is a company which has been known for its video chat options on Facebook and other services. Facebook released the video chat option on the world’s largest social networking site last July, through a partnership with Skype. Since then, the text only chat that has been available on Facebook has turned into video chat as well.

When Google launched its answer to the social network Facebook, the Google Plus, it released a new feature called the Hangout. Then Hangout feature on Google Plus allows users to connect to more than one user on video chat, who are on the same network. So this way, you can connect to tens of people at any given time and all of them are on the video call simultaneously, talking with each other.

ooVoo, which also has similar features, is now updating the service on Facebook to bring in similar features. So even though Facebook itself has not done anything and has no credits for this, the service will for sure get more traffic and concurrent users because of this feature.

ooVoo allowed a maximum of six users to be connected on a video chat at any given time. But after the update, the service will let up to a maximum of 12 users to be on a video call simultaneously. This is a big update.

ooVoo has also updated its registration process. Users can now just use their Facebook accounts for registering on the service. Now that the service registration has become so easy, more and more users will be able to get on it and use the services.

The company says that all these updates and changes are a result of user requests. People have been looking for ways to communicate with people other than on their smart phones. So this was a hit.

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