Facebook Pages Manager for iPhone

The Facebook app for iPhone has been around for some time now. The iPad app was also released very recently. But the one thing still missing from the apps is the support for managing your business and fan pages. From the apps, you are just allowed to view the pages, but you are not given the option to see the admin pages, insights, and manage admins. But now, there is an option. The world’s largest social networking site has now released a new app, the Facebook Pages Manager for iPhone. The app lets you do almost anything you need with your pages.

The app is installed as a standalone app on your iPhone, just like the Facebook Messenger. If you visit your page on the Facebook app for iPhone, you will get a notification that there a new app available for managing the pages. You can then download it and start using it.

When you run the app, you get the usual Facebook interface. You will see that your pages’ cover photo is still missing. Yes, even this app refuses to load up the cover photos that you have used on your pages. But this is not a big deal, you can live with this. But the more important thing missing from the app is the messages button. There is no messages for Facebook pages button in the app. This is for sure a bit omission.

But other than this, you are able to manage all your pages from this single app. You get the left pane as in the Facebook app from where you can access all your pages. And for the page which is currently open in the app, you will get the options to manage admins, see the insights with full graphs and trends. This is by far the best way to manage your Facebook pages I have seen, other than the computer browser that you can use. So do give it a try if you manage pages.


A member from OutCast on the Facebook team contact us to request a clarification on this story. It appears that this app is not widely available to everybody.

On background, I can confirm that this is an app that Facebook is testing that helps owners of small to medium Pages more easily manage their Facebook presence.