Facebook is building a Facebook phone right from scratch

Facebook is an awesome social network and it is the leading social network in the world, after beating down a few others which already existed in the business. The social network developed slowly and started making its mobile presence feel to its customers. Not just this, the company has been updating its smart phone apps regularly, meaning that there has been continuous work on the mobile platform. Why all this? And Mark did say some time in a statement that for Facebook, the smart phone presence is very important. And new reports do tell something about this, Facebook has been building its own mobile phone right in front of our eyes and we have not been able to realize that.

The rumor is that Facebook started developing the operating system for its smart phone way back in 2010, but it was soon dropped. Later, the project was again started with a new plan and since then, there has been no new news. But the recent developments of the company point to something very interesting. Let us see.

The major smart phone platforms right now are the Apple iOS, Amazon’s Android based operating system, Google’s Android, and Microsoft Windows Phone. Facebook recently released the Facebook Camera app for all the major platforms. This may be the camera app developed for its own operating system. The company is also about to buy Instagram, which is an awesome camera app in itself. Then, the company already has a Messenger app, which might be its answer to GTalk and BBM.

Facebook would also need a contact app, which is already present in its Facebook app and the Messenger app as well. We are already able to sync our Facebook contacts with our Phonebook contacts. And with the Facebook app comes Facebook calendar as well. The only big thing missing is the Maps. And since Facebook is close to Microsoft, it might just as well use Bing maps. Other small pieces of code such as the dialer and the general interface may be quickly cooked up.

So does all these indicate that we are very close to a Facebook phone? Only time can tell us.

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