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Design leaks of the next gen iPhone confirm a 4 inch display

We are back again today with another rumor, or may be news, about the next generation Apple iPhone, the iPhone 5 (supposedly). Till now, we have seen various rumors suggesting that for the first time, the Cupertino tech giant may have plans for increasing the size of the display. So yes, there is a rumor about at least a 4 inch display. Then we have the metal and glass back cover rumor, and also the rumor which says that the 30 pin dock connector will now become very small.

We have got some kind of proof for all these rumors till now, but it is very difficult to believe any of them as over the years, we have been getting a lot of rumors about the iPhone and not all of them have turned out to be true. But now, we seem to have gotten ourselves a very solid proof to believe that the next gen iPhone, the iPhone 5, might have a bigger display.

A leak of the engineering design schematic of the Apple iPhone is making rounds on the internet on various tech blogs. And hence, it has landed here as well. Looking at the image, we can say that it has a lot of meaning for a design engineer. Yes, and if you take a close look at it and try to understand the technical language (which is pretty simple), you can see that the design suggests a display of 4 inch. Yes, that is what it says.

Phone Arena writes:

Back-of-the-napkin calculations from the engineering blueprint return about 7mm taller and slightly wider front panel part than what we have now, which is not much at all, and certainly preferable than increasing the width too much and messing up with one-handed operation.

The Cupertino tech giant, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said just yesterday that the company will be doubling down on the security and the secrecy of its new products. I guess that statement had something to do with these leaks. In any case, let us see what the iPhone 5 turns out to be.

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