Dater iOS app date and timestamps your iOS photos

If you are an iPhone or an iPod Touch, or even an iPad user, you would have observed that when you try to sort the photos you have taken on your iPhone, or your iPod Touch, or your iPad, you will not be able to sort the photos according to the date taken. This is because the iOS Camera app does not provide the feature to time stamp or date stamp the photos taken on the mentioned three devices. This is a very big deal for some people, including me.

Whenever I sync the photos from my smart phone or tablet to my computer, I want them to be sorted according to the date taken, not according to the name of the file or any other property. This becomes very difficult when you sync photos from your iPhone or iPad, or even the iPod Touch for that matter. But now there seems to be a solution for this problem, that is only if you are having a jail broken iPhone or the iPad, even the iPod Touch for that matter.

The new app, called the Dater, is the one we are going to talk about today. The app, Dater, is available right now on the Cydia app store. Now, the thing about this Cydia app store is that you will be able to access it only if you the app installed and also, only if you have your iPhone or iPad jailbroken. And all the apps that are available on the Cydia app store also need root access on your smart phone or tablet which means that you need to have jailbroken it.

So what does this Date do? It simply puts the system date and time at the time of taking the picture to each phone taken. This goes into the metadata of the image file, and hence, the date and time are not displayed on the image itself. But still, if you are playing back the slideshow of all the images on your iPhone or iPad, the jailbreak tweak does display the date on the app, but not on the image.

If you are interested, you can buy the Dater app right away on the Cydia app store for just $0.99.