CTIA 2012: We Talk With Safely About Android And More VIDEO

We talk with Safely. Safely specializes in kids and safety on smartphones. The company covers everything from texting while driving, geo-locating kids and family members, and smartphone management.

Most families want to get their younger children a smartphone. Smartphones, Androids in particular can be very useful. But once the decision is made to get the child an Android device, the worry sets in. Will the child run up a texting bill? Will they be texting while driving? Will they be texting during class?  Why aren’t they home yet, and a host of other worries.

Safely is LocationLabs consumer facing brand, but they’ve been in te industry for quite some time now. In fact LocationLabs is the company behind AT&T’s family locator and other white label services for major carriers.

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LocationLabs, through it’s safely brand, offers a control panel for parents in conjunction with Sprint. Now parents can set limits on a childs smartphone. They can block calls to anyone but themselves during certain hours (like school). They can also block texting by times of day. Most parents don’t want their kids texting during the school day and after a certain hour at night.

In terms of pure safety, Safely offers great benefits for latchkey kids including the ability to notify a parent by SMS message when they get to certain places at certain times. Parents can be notified when their child gets home, or to basketball practice. They can also be located via computer or other mobile device if the child is late or worse, turns up missing.

LocationLabs was at ShowStoppers at CTIA showing off their latest technologies. Check out the video above with their CEO.