AT&T Drops Price Of Galaxy Note To $229

I will be the first to admit that when the Samsung Galaxy Note was originally released I felt that the pricing was perfect. Now it’s been made even better as AT&T has lowered the price of the Galaxy Note to $229 on a new two year agreement.

Samsung considers the Galaxy Note as a whole new category. When it was unveiled at the IFA conference in Berlin last September they noted (no pun intended) that the Galaxy Note was a hybrid device between phone and tablet. I’ve personally been using it as a daily driver since South By Southwest and haven’t picked up another phone (except to test) or a tablet. In fact a lot of entries on TDG have been posted using the Note.

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Mobilebloom and others think that the reduction in price may mean that AT&T’s exclusivity of the device is approaching. There have been a lot of rumors lately that T-Mobile will get the Galaxy Note in fact we’ve even seen one with T-Mobile branding.

The other theory may be that we are just days away from the release of the flagship HTC One X on AT&T and maybe AT&T is trying to create some shelf space for the One X.

Samsung has done very well with the Galaxy Note. Samsung has reported that they’ve sold 5 million Galaxy Notes globally already and they even attributed some of their strong performance in Q1 2012 to the adoption of the 5 inch device.

source: MobileBloom

5 Replies to “AT&T Drops Price Of Galaxy Note To $229”

  1. As of today May 10th, this phone is available from AT&T’s web site for $249. Best buy told me they will match that price. They however will not match Amazons $229 price as they will not match online only retailers. Best buy’s sticker price is still $299.00 the benefit of buying from Best buy is a grandfathered unlimited data plan will carry over that way.

    Walmart also has it listed on their walmart.letstalk website, which I understand is maintained through a third party, for $199 for a new contract, or $269 for upgrade. I am thinking about asking best buy if they will match Walmarts $199.

  2. From what I have gathered the AT&T retail price for this phone is still $299; as well as other retailers such as Bestbuy. is the only one offering it for $229 through a special contract deal they have set up to help promote the new Amazonwireless store. It is also Tax free from Amazon, and I understand they are giving $25 for apps from the Amazon App store as well. Also there is no restocking fee on returns to Amazon Wireless should you need to. So, at the moment, you stand to save $100+ (including tax savings) buying from Amazon over a brick and mortar AT&T Store..

    The thing that really sucks for people who are grandfathered into AT&T’s unlimited data plan (Such as myself), is that Amazon makes you choose a data plan (either 3 GB or 5GB) in order to purchase from them. So, you will probably lose your unlimited plan to a tiered plan buying from Amazon.

    I spoke to customer reps from both companies. Amazon told me that there is no work around to keep my current data package. She said that their contract with AT&T dictates that they only offer those plans. The guy I spoke to at AT&T told me that when you purchase online and they change your data plan, It’s almost impossible to get it changed back, so I would most likely be stuck with the tiered plan. This is probably true; as everyone knows AT&T is trying everything they can to do away with the unlimited data plans. A search online returned a handful of anecdotal stories of people who purchased from Amazon and was able to reinstate their unlimited Data and also people who had real problems with it, involving multiple phone calls, waiting hours for returned calls and getting nowhere. One guy said he got stuck in a 300MB data plan! That’s like driving a Ferrari with a 1 gallon gas tank.

    So now I feel stuck, I don’t want to lose my data plan, but I would feel ripped off paying so much more for it from the brick and mortar AT&T store.

  3. wait a minute! Do you mean the Samsung galaxy note now sell for $299 at AT&T? What do you mean by on a two year agreement?Your urgent reply is needed pls.

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