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ASUS releases demo video of its Padfone

If you had attended the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) that happened in Jan this year, you would be knowing about the awesome phone that Asus had come up with. It is called the Padfone. The phone, as the name suggests, is a phone cum a tablet. If you are thinking the phone is big like a tablet, or like the Samsung Galaxy Note, you are wrong. The phone’s screen is just 4.3 inches big and is a Super AMOLED qHD display, not like the Samsung Galaxy Note which is a 5.3 incher. But the phone comes with a tablet, yes, you read it right.

The phone comes with an extra screen, which has a dock to connect your phone into it. So, once you do that, the tablet will just display whatever your phone would display. The display will be converted to reflect the display of a tablet, the interface of the Android operating system would be changed so that you would get the feeling of using an actual tablet when you are using it in the dock mode.

Once you remove the phone from the dock, your phone is back to normal. The release date of this beauty is not yet confirmed. But the international release date is coming close for sure. Only that would make Asus release a demo video of the phone showcasing different features of the phone.

Not only this, with your Padfone, you will also get a dock with a keyboard and an extra battery which would increase the battery life of your tablet or phone to a maximum of 102 hours! Yes, that is awesome. So essentially, you will be able to use your Padfone like a phone, a tablet, or a netbook.

The phone also has a strong processing power of the 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor by Qualcomm. All in all, I am definitely waiting for this one, ready to make a shift from my Samsung Galaxy Note to this awesome piece of hardware. What about you?

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