Apple to buy German TV manufacturer Loewe

We saw a couple of iPhone 5 related rumors today, and now, going back a step up in the line, we have one more rumor about the Cupertino tech giant, Apple. The rumor is that Apple is planning to buy a German TV manufacturer called Loewe. The German TV maker, Loweve, is a small company which is known for its high end TV line up and high quality speakers. This is something that Apple is not yet interested about, or at least an area in which Apple has not shown any interest in.

The rumor also holds that the Cupertino tech giant has offered to pay 87 million Euros, which is USD 112 million, for the company. Loewe is a company which is part owned by Sharp (29%) and part by LaCie (11%). So it is not the decision of Loewe alone whether the acquisition has to happen or not. All the stake holders have to decide up on this and then will Apple be able to buy the company.

Leaving the business side of the rumor, let us come to the more interesting part of it, why would Apple want to buy a TV and speakers manufacturing company? This is for sure interesting. There have been a lot of rumors in the past that Apple is working on starting its own TV range, the actual Apple TV. But this rumor, even though it prevailed for quite some time, did not meet any ends. Now though, it looks like there is some thing cooking in the head office of the Cupertino tech giant.

As we do not know the entire offerings of the German company Loewe, we will not be able to comment properly on this story, but for sure, this is a nice rumor to think about. We might, I think, be shopping for Apple branded TVs in the near future. What do you think?

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