Apple starts censoring the word Jailbreak on its iTunes Store

Apple has always been against any kind of modification to its products. If you want to add more functionality to your iPhone or iPad or even your iPod Touch, you can not do it. And Apple has this very bad practice of not giving some very basic functionality in its devices. For example, you are not allowed to send or receive files of any kind via Bluetooth on any of your Apple post PC devices. This is not a good move. But still, the products are a hit. But some people who like the product because of the design or the build quality or just because of the brand name, buy the devices and then try to mod it so it works the way they want. For this, you will have to make the phone work beyond its software limits. And for this, you will have to change the code. This is called jailbreaking in the Apple world.

So jailbreaking does not only mean breaking out of a prison, but also means giving more functionality to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. But now, Apple has gone so much against it that it is not putting up the word ‘jailbreak’ on its online iTunes Store. The Cupertino tech giant is just censoring the word and replacing it with j*******k, which you will have to understand is jailbreak.

The censoring has been done on iTunes Store, including Apps, songs, albums, podcast episodes, and iTunes U episodes. So every content irrespective of the type of the content has been censored by the company to remove any type of affiliation to that word on its own online store, which the company thinks might influence its customers to jailbreak their own devices.

Digg writes:

Censored tracks included legendary Irish rockers Thin Lizzy song ‘Jailbreak’. However Shoutpedia notes that the Irish band’s song is only censored on the U.S. iTunes store, but not on the European one.

Have you come across any censored content on the iTunes Store lately?