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Apple might be working on an iHub and not iTV

Whatever Apple does makes instant news, and since they are so secretive about everything they do, a lot of rumors keep floating around. Apple enthusiasts have maintained for a while now that an Apple TV is in the works, based on various reports and based on hints found in Steve Jobs’ biography. The iTv, they said, would be a voice controlled, aluminum bodied HDTV. But recently a different type of iDevice is being predicted.

If recent speculations are to be believed, the iTV may not even exist. Instead, Apple might be working on an iHub. The idea was put forward by a research blogger, and frankly it does make more sense. Based on Apple’s habit of revolutionizing the way we use regular devices, it is more likely that instead of a regular TV, Apple might produce a completely new screen altogether. Television would be one of the roles this device would play. As the name suggest, this screen would become the center of activity for a household, and would replace the regular television. It would be a 32 inch touchscreen that can be hung on your wall, and would seamlessly connect all the Apple devices in your home. It wouldn’t be beyond Apple to throw in Siri-like voice control capabilities too.

Whatever Apple might be working on, it won’t be unveiled atleast before 2014; till then everyone can keep speculating. Some people may argue that people don’t really need such a device and that there is no market for it. But, it has been proved that Apple has a special knack for creating market for its products, which people didn’t know they needed. Also, the ever hungry Apple fanboys will gobble up any device the Cupertino based tech giant churns out.

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