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Apple may be bringing Face Time to 3G

Yes, this is a shocking news to many of us. The company which has been against the idea of bringing the some what popular video calling service, Face Time, over to 3G from Wi Fi only, it is being said that Apple is now working on this. There have been a few instances where a few users have encountered the first actions of this update.

Ever since the Face Time has been released, with the iPhone 4 if my memory is proper, Apple has restricted the use of the service to Apple devices to Apple devices only and that too on a Wi Fi network only. This means that both the calling party and the called party need to be on a Wi Fi network when the call happens. And once the video call is connected, if any user turns off the Wi Fi radio on their device or disconnects from a Wi Fi network, the call is just dropped. This is irrespective of whether the 3G data is ON or OFF on the device.

But now, this system is said to have been changed. The news is that now when you are on a Face Time call and decide to turn OFF your 3G network data, your iPhone will warn you that if you turn OFF the 3G data, the Face Time call might be dropped. Now that is suspicious. And this is happening only if you are on iOS 5.1.1.

Gizmodo has noted this and Apple Insider has already confirmed this. So if you are one such person who is having iOS 5.1.1 on their iPhone, here is some home work for you. But even if Apple gives this feature on their iPhones, the wireless carriers need to agree to provide the service. This is because Face Time is essentially VoIP. This means no call minutes will be used and only data will be used, which translates as a loss to wireless carriers. So it is to see how the carriers will react to this.

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