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Apple has tweaked App Store and introduced Editors’ Choice

Apple has made yet another change for its App Store, and this time, it is somewhat good. That is because you will be getting a paid app for free every week. Yes, there are a couple new sections on the Apple App Store which you are going to love, it does not matter if you spend money on apps or not. But the new additions are worth a look.

Apple has removed the sections “Game of the Week” and “Staffs’ Favorites” on the main page of the App Store and included “Editors’ Choice” and “Free App of the Week”. I guess this is a good change as we will be getting a cool premium app for free every week starting this week. I am sure a lot of users will find this very welcoming.

iPodNN writes:

Chillingo’s new Air Mail game and Autodesk’s SketchBook Ink drawing app for the iPad, and Facebook Camera and Extreme Skater getting the nod on the iPhone. Cut the Rope: Experiments is the free app for both.

This is supposed to be the first time the Cupertino tech giant has given a paid app for free for a limited time for its own advertising, rather than the developer itself making the app free on the App Store.

The Staffs’ Choices section has at least 6 apps or games in it, but the new Editors’ Choice has only two apps, one for the iPhone and one for the iPad. I guess this may change in the future to at least two apps for the phone and the tablet. But that is also uncertain at this point of time.

The iTunes Store already has a “Free Single(s) of the Week” category along with some TV related free content such as trailers or some free episode of a random TV show. The Mac App Store also has a regular section where it lists a few free apps. The iBookStore also has the “Free Book of the Week” category where it gives away free books every week and also offers samples of some premium books.

Apple’s move on changing the App Store might be an attempt to bring in uniformity in all its Stores.

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