Apple Attempts to Revive the iPhone 3GS


A gadget freak’s dream machine – the Apple iPhone 3GS has been losing its market share for quite some to the free, application- rich, handy Android phones. In this war of Smartphones, for some time now, the battles are being won by the Android based phones which is definitely a cause of concern to Tim Cook and his team. Apple’s iPhones are available in a very limited range of models, which all lie on the higher budget end of the smartphone spectrum. Looking at this very aspect, along with  the thought of being driven away from the smartphone market has resulted in Apple launching a new marketing strategy that it believes will revive the market for iPhone 3GS.

With Samsung and other smartphone making companies eating into what was Apple’s solitary dominion once, Apple had to take this drastic step towards improving its sales. With that purpose in mind, Apple had launched the free iPhone 3GS on a two-year contract. This opened up the low-end market for smartphones where it has been losing customers to Android phones. Along with this, Apple also added Sprint, besides AT&T and Verizon as its roster in U.S. Carriers. Apple is now slashing the price of the handset from $375 to around $250, which will surely boost the sales figures of the device all around the world. The phone will be available free of any contract, which will make it accessible to a wider customer base.

The NPD’s data shows that iPhone 3GS is among the top three selling smartphones for the fourth quarter of 2011 along with other iPhones i.e. 4 and 4S. Thus, the price cut will be a cause of concern for Android devices that currently occupy the lower budget end of the spectrum. Tim Cook is pretty confident of this new strategy, and so are Apply fanboys.

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