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Apple and Samsung settlement talk fails

The patent war between Apple and Samsung is going to become epic and historic for sure, as the settlement talks between the chief executive officers of the two companies along with other higher officials in the presence of a third unrelated party has failed to yield any kind of positive results. The talk was nothing more than a meeting for the two companies to hold their grounds. There was no settlement of any kind.

United States judge Judy Koh must be really very pissed off with this, as this was the judge who had ordered for the settlement talk between the world’s two most popular and massive tech giants. Although Apple CEO Tim Cook said ‘I’ve always hated litigation and I continue to hate it’ he also said ‘if we could get to some kind of arrangement where we would be assured [they are inventing their own products] and get a fair settlement on the stuff that’s occurred.’

What exactly could this mean? This means that Apple is ready to settle down with the issue, unless there is no proof for the original engineering from Samsung. Now, why would a company such as Apple itself settle down on a patent dispute initiated by itself on a company such as Samsung where there is also a good potential for some huge money to flow in?

Well, the reasons vary from each one’s view. I think that since Samsung is still the prime spare parts and internal component provider for most of Apple’s post PC products including the iPod, the iPad, and the iPhone, it is being a little bit hesitant on chewing up more than it can. Apple will have to talk to a lot of new component providers, test out each of the component from each company and make out a new partnership if somehow Samsung refuses to manufacturer stuffs for Apple’s products. And this must have worried the CEO Tim Cook and company a bit. Let us see if at least this worry will be doing the case any good.

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