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Apple And Samsung Account For 99% Of Mobile Profits?

With the constant patten court battles between Apple and Samsung, we learned a few days back that Samsung and Apple may account for 90% of the mobile profits. This number seems a little outlandish, however we are hearing now that the 90% figure may be wrong.

According to the latest research from Asymco Apple took in 73% of the mobile profit in Q1 2012. The same research says that Samsung took in 26% of the mobile profit for an overall 99%. That’s just amazing.

Our friends at PhoneArena do point out that the information may be skewed, especially considering the Android sales numbers over iOS. PhoneArena points out that Asymco doesn’t even take into consideration ZTE adn Huawei who both have booming business in Asia.

In case you were wondering which OEM took in that remaining 1%, that was HTC

source: Asymco via Phonearena


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