APC 8750 Android PC System For $49

The new trend in computing seems to be the ultra affordable PCs.  Last week came words about a $74 USB computer that runs on Android.  There’s also the $35 Raspberry Pi that was unveiled last month.   Then a couple days ago, Taiwan based VIA Technologies announced the APC Android PC system that will cost a cool $49.

Model APC 8750 is a caseless computer with 800MHz processor, 512MB DDR3 memory, 2GB NAND Flash, and support for graphic resolutions up to 720p.  Other features into HDMI, VGA, 4 x USB, audio out / in, microSD and Ethernet.  It’s a Neo-ITX-based system running a custom version of Android 2.3 optimized for mouse and keyboard input. The board is compatible with Mini-ITX and MacroATX form factors. It looks like a motherboard without the shell, measuring just 17cm x 8.5cm.

Richard Brown, VP of Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc., announced that “APC brings the familiarity and convenience of Android to the PC at a US$49 price point that will open up exciting new markets and applications”.

The best part about this computer is that APC is not only tiny, but it is also extremely energy efficient.  APC consumes only 4 watts when operating at idle power and 13.5 watts at maximum load. This is ten times less than a standard PC system and ensures significant power savings in large scale deployments.

“Powered by a low power VIA WonderMedia ARM processor, APC integrates memory, storage, and a full set of consumer I/O features in a small footprint Neo-ITX motherboard that can be connected to a TV or monitor. The system also features a custom build of Android that has been optimized for keyboard and mouse input, and comes with a selection of preinstalled apps, including a browser to deliver the best of the internet to users.”… (https://www.viagallery.com/Products/apc.aspx)

APC Key Features:
• Optimized Android OS
• HD TV support
• Hardware acceleration of the most demanding video formats
• VGA and HMDI display ports
• Four USB 2.0 ports
• One microSD slot
• One 10/100 Ethernet portVIA Initiates APC, a $49 Android PC 2/3
• Audio-out/ Mic-in
• VIA WonderMedia ARM 11 SoC
• 2GB NAND Flash
• 512 DDR3 SDRAM
• 15W power adaptor