A rare footage of the iPhone 4S assembly line at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory

Apple is known for its awesome products, the Mac computers, the iPod that revolutionized the personal music industry, the iPhone that revolutionized the smart phone industry, and finally the iPad, which revolutionized the tablet industry. All these products are known for the hardware they carry, the software they come with, and most importantly, the build quality of the products. This means that the assembly line of these products needs to be properly maintained. But we do not know anything about the assembly lines, thanks to Apple’s practice of maintaining secrecy in all its products related matters.

But now, we do have a video footage of the assembly line of the latest iPhone, the iPhone 4S. Yes, and this comes from Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory, which is said to manufacture over seventy percentage of the iPhones in the whole world. The video comes from a¬†iFeng, shows a Chinese reporter with Foxconn CEO Terry Gou taking a tour around the extensive factory. To begin with, the video starts off in a helicopter to show us how big the factory is, and it is indeed very big, measuring¬†5.6 square kilometers (2.2 Square miles). If you think that is more than enough, you are wrong. This is because the company is right now planning to expand the real estate of the production plant. And the company already employs a massive 115,000 number of employees.

The factory part of the tour starts off in the iPhone 4S production line where you can see the iPhone 4S frame and motherboard. The motherboard line is 148 meters long and rolls out 10,000 units a day. The tour continues into the camera assembly area which is all done in a clean room environment.

After watching one of the world’s best phone’s production line, many Android fans seems to be turning out to be Apple fans. A couple of my friends, who have been Android fans right from 2007, are now in deep discussion about buying an iPhone, and this is happening as I am writing this. Is the same thing happening in your mind as well? Watch the Chinese video (no English translation) below and decide for yourself.