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$74 USB computer runs Android

Google’s mobile operating system, Android, is one of the best mobile operating system ever, you have to agree this even if you are an Apple and iOS fan boy. You know in your heart that Android is way powerful than your iOS. Since the operating system is built on Linux kernel, the level of customization available in the operating system is very high. You can literally port the software to any platform you want and make it run smooth like a baby’s buttocks. And it so happens that developers are already working on this. We are seeing a lot of Android based smart phones coming into the market each and every day. Even small scaled phone manufacturers can make use of the operating system instead of the good old Java, and make really good phones.

The migration is slowly expanding and we are seeing complex and sophisticated devices which are running on Android. Today, we are talking about a $74 USB computer which is running on Android. The working of this system is still not clear to me, but I am going to tell you whatever I have understood. The computer is just 3.5 inches big. This little USB computer is much more than what you think it is. Inside that little body, is a 1.5GHz single for ALLWinner A10 CPU that’s based on the ARM Cortex A8 processor. So that could even be better than most smart phones available in the market today.

Not just that, is even features a Mali 400 GPU and 512 MB of RAM. So there goes your graphics processing and some memory space to speed up process execution. With all this hardware, the computer is running Android’s new version of the OS, the Android 4.0, or the most popularly known Ice Cream Sandwich. And to support communication, it has many options including HDMI, USB 2.0, microUSB, and even microSD card slots. And if you are a person who loves to go wireless, this little computer even has Wi Fi for media streaming. So you can either connect it to your computer or TV or even stream music wirelessly to supported devices.

Shocked? Even I was when I learned about this little computer. The availability of the small computer is not yet known, but we will get back to this as soon as we get any kind of info about it.

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