Whoops: HTC One S May Not Be As Durable As We Once Thought

Last month we brought you this story about how HTC was using the same ceramic coating process on their newest smartphones that NASA used on their latest satellites. We would think that meant that the newest HTC phones would be amazingly durable, and in fact HTC suggests just that in the video that appears in the story.

Now we’re hearing from our friends at TFTS that the HTC One S may not be as durable as we once thought. HTC claims that their mircoarc oxidation process makes the phones up to 4x more durable than other phone casings on the market.

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As you can see from the photo above the phone appears to not be as durable as they suggested. You can clearly see scratches and dings at the bottom of the bezel of the device. Now we don’t know if the guy with this phone scraped it along the ground or dropped it from ten feet in the air. We’re hoping that these scratches aren’t the consequences of everyday use.

Just last week HTC announced their worst quarterly numbers since becoming an Android device manufacturing and considering they were the manufacturer of the G1 that’s quite some time in smartphone years.

According to TFTS the scratches are coming from the solid ceramic casings interactions with the more flexible aluminum underneath. Either way this isn’t good news for the oxidation process or HTC.

Source: TFTS