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Verizon To Lower Their Galaxy Nexus Price To Compete With Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus

It looks like Verizon Wireless is lowering the price of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on their network. Starting Monday the Galaxy Nexus will cost just $199 the same price that it’s debuting on Sprint’s network on Sunday.

Sprint may have had to reduce the price from $299 to $199 because the Android 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich flagship phone is NOT launching with 4G/LTE on the Sprint network. Sprint will reportedly flip the switch on for their 4G/LTE network closer to June.

So if you’ve been thinking about that immensely popular Vanilla Android experience on Verizon, Monday may just be the ticket. The same leaked document from Droid-Life pegs the ricing ending on May 10th so you don’t have that long to make the decision.

source: Droid-Life

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