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Twitter Updates Android App Again, Please Come Back

Twitter realizes that as far as iOS and Android are concerned there are third party app companies that do a lot better than them on mobile devices. In fact for me I haven’t personally used the native Twitter app on a regular basis, well ever. In case you were wondering I use a combination of Hootsuite, Seesmic and Tweetcaster depending on the day and what I need to do.

For instance, day to day management of a Twitter account with over 100,000 followers (thanks guys!) requires the features in HootSuite, no matter how upset I am with Ryan Holmes (LOL). I use Seesmic because nobody does the conversation part better than seesmic. Hootsuite does do conversations but half of them are missing. Sometimes for context I need to go to Seesmic.¬† Typically on the weekends I don’t carry the same phone as the week, especially if I’m taking the weekend “off” so to speak, for those times I use Tweetcaster.

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Twitter wants me, and you and everyone else to give their native apps another whirl.

This time around they’ve added more functionality to “Discover” now you’ll be able to see an “activity” section which will tell you what your followers are doing ,who their following and hopefully cut out the noise a bit and just generally see whats up.

Twitter has also reported that they’ve improved search. They’ve added spelling suggestions and hints for related items. They’ve also added another feature in their connect tab which will populate user names as you start to type, a feature found in many third party apps.

Finally they’ve put more depth to push notifications so you can customize your twitter experience.

The Android update should be in the Google Play Store any moment now.

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