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Tumblr For Android Receives Completely New Interface And Tumblr Radar

If you’re an avid Tumblr user than today should be pretty exciting, as the folks over at Tumblr have pushed a pretty big update to their Android app. Tumblr was previously a pretty simple app, and worked just fine, but apparently the developers were not satisfied because just about everything has changed.

The home feed is the closest thing to what it used to be, as it just shows all of the posts your followers are uploading. However, the bar at the bottom has gotten slightly larger making it easier to find the different buttons such as liking, re-blogging, and notes. They have also added Tumblr Radar, which is a section much like Instagram’s “popular section” and shows a grid of popular pictures across Tumblr. The profile page has also gotten a makeover showing a completely revamped notifications panel that now supports multiple blogs in one place. You can also see your liked posts, and the blogs you are following.

Due to some user’s multiple blogs, you can now manage each blog much easier, as they launch a drop-down menu showing your posts, followers, messages, drafts, and upload queue. Yes, this is mighty big update for the Tumblr Android app, and better yet, iOS users are still stuck with an older version. The full list of updates is as follows with a Play link at the bottom to grab the update.

  1. Totally new, beautiful interface
  2. More responsive, faster-loading dashboard and blogs
  3. Better photo browsing
  4. Notifications for multiple blogs live in one place
  5. Tumblr Radar!

Play link

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