Thedroidguy’s Prophecy From July 2011 Coming True: WiMax To Virgin & Boost?

Last year while attending CE Week NY, a smaller version of CES in New York City we spent a lot of time with one of our really good Sprint contacts. We were talking about 4G/LTE which was just a rumor for Sprint at the time, and the impact that it would have on WiMax along with prepaid carriers Virgin and Boost Mobile, both Sprint brands.

As you can read from this article posted on July 7, 2011, you can clearly see we talked about the distinct possibility that while Sprint evolved into 4G/LTE, their WiMax network may be moved over to Virgin and Boost. Now many sites are jumping on the same bandwagon.

If you haven’t heard the HTC Evo 3D is heading over to Virgin Mobile while the HTC Evo Design 4G is heading over to Boost. Both phones are WiMax capable and nothing in any of the stories about these moves suggest that they will only be 3G.

The first piece of the WiMax puzzle is firmly in place. Just today Sprint released the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the LG Viper, both phones will run on Sprint’s 4G/LTE network which as we found out in this story, will be available in June.

When we brought you the story about the HTC Evo Design 4G (days before Engadget by the way) we did say that it would be at the end of the quarter that the HTC phone would hit the Boost Mobile network. If Sprint does in fact hand down the WiMax network to Boost and Virgin, it would most likely be at that time.

If you’re on Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile you may want to stay put just a couple more months and see how it all plays out. TechnoBuffalo broke this story but, we had it 9 months before.

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5 Replies to “Thedroidguy’s Prophecy From July 2011 Coming True: WiMax To Virgin & Boost?”

  1. On the CLEAR matter the answer is no they just invested another $1billion into Clear and with Lighsquared out of the picture they need Clear to hit their 4GLTE goals

  2. Virgin Mobile USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sprint. Virgin Mobile in other parts of the world are not connected in this venture we are more than 100% sure of this and have been since the merger.

  3. Virgin is not a “Sprint brand” in the least, they use licencing from Sprint towers and therefore offer Sprint-like devices, HTC Evo 3D, but Virgin is bigger than Sprint(in terms of revenue, avenues of business, world-wide recognition). Sprint just owns the licensing…that’s all.
    In terms of Wi-Max, CLEAR owns and operates those towers…Sprint, along with CLEAR, Time Warner and others use CLEAR Wi-Max towers…now, will Sprint sell its interest in CLEAR? THAT, my friend, is the question.

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